Reception Children help Children in Malawi

Dear Olive, Chloe and Eva,

Thank you so much for the money that you have raised for the children at Chitiwiri School Malawi. I think that you must be very kind and thoughtful girls to do this.

These children are some of the poorest in the world and the food that you can see them eat will be the only food that they have all day. Only this lunch at school with no breakfast or supper at home! So you can see how much your money will help. It costs 4.5p for each meal, so you can work out how many meals you have bought with £35.20!!!! I think you will be surprised by the answer!!!

Thank you very much. In Chichewa which is the language these children speak, they would say, “Zikomo kwambili!!!!”

With very best wishes,

Sally Bickersteth