PTA meeting minutes


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The covid situation has had an impact on the PTA in 19-20.

PTA Meetings Schedule:

Jan 10th Committee meeting 9.30am LOD House
Jan 24th Teacher update 8.30am School
Feb 10th Committee meeting 7.00 pm LOD House
Mar 2nd Open meeting 7.00 pm School
Apr 23rd Committee meeting 9.15am School
May 1st Teacher update 8.30am School
May 11th Open PTA  meeting 7.00 pm School
Jun 1st Committee meeting 9.15am School
Sep 7th Committee meeting 9.15am School
October 2020 PTA AGM Date to announce   School

PTA meeting minutes will be posted via parent mail after each meeting for parents to see what our PTA is working on. New members are always welcome and details of the next meetings will be on the dates page and on the last set of minutes.

The end of year details of BP PTA work is here for you to download.

The PTA Steering group have published there initial plans and we have added our own comments to create a working document to raise funds and to spend the income wisely. Comments are always welcomed along with new ideas and will always be discussed although obviously not all can be undertaken.

The March 2nd meeting agreed a new constitution.  So you can see the changes the previous constitution is included.

Does a change, change the way the PTA operates? The wording may have changed but the principle of the PTA, to support the school and assist in its funding does not. Ultimately the Head (although no longer the president) has the ultimate say in decisions that impact upon the school supported by the school governors who act as a type of directors board.

The school is a very open place and it is important that its community feels able to approach its staff to discuss issues and seek advice about educational matters, our door is always open to help.

If you wish to make any comments just e-mail the school. The new constitution will be sent to the charity commission and as with all constitutions amendments and changes can be made following the appropriate paths to do so.

The meeting also went through an outline of proposals and ideas for the PTA to work and promote:

On pages 4-5 on investments, the poetry and parents evening included reception and on the Oxford reading tree it should include reception and up to year 6 in some cases.  For tennis year 5 & 6 attend in the summer term.

Updated minutes from the last committee meeting are here: