Parents and Behaviour

Published September 26, 2017

Sometimes for whatever reason parents and schools may clash.  Common sense and discussion will prevail and the issue resolved.  A recent event highlights that sometimes a parent can create an all to different scenario.  Rumour and gossip inevitably creates concern.  To reassure you, schools take any attack upon staff physical or verbal very seriously.  Parents will be banned from site under a legal writ from the council, sometimes time limited and in extreme cases permanently.  Where the school feels it is so threatened a move from the school to a fresh start can be suggested.  In the latter case it is not always accepted or upheld and then a school must deal with the situation with the parent prevented from entering school.  If a physical assault takes place the police are immediately involved and in due course take action.  Staff are helped over any such event and are in most cases subject to a period of absence whilst recovering.

Such situations are rare but in my own career of some 43 years I have encountered, knives, physical and verbal attack and have dealt with it.  Schools are vulnerable places and as such we seek to make it safe but equally a place where the community can enter and see what is being achieved.  I did decide to revert to one entrance as a means to safeguarding at this moment in time.  I think we will also look at widening our main gate to make exit and entry easier for all.

I was equally very proud of the way some children who witnessed the incident dealt with it, reflecting our rights respecting ethos and their anger at having a teacher treated in this shameful way.  Equally to the many parents who voiced their support in our actions.   I most certainly don’t expect this to occur again in the life of our school.

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