Secondary Transfer

Our year 6 leavers move on to a wide range of local schools in both the state and independent sector. Meetings are organised at school for year4 & 5 and year 6 to guide you in the transfer process.

Here is the information sent to schools, including the notes for heads. They will provide you with an insight into the process. Details of the latest secondary transfer year will appear on his page. 

This is lasy years presentation so the dates will be wrong, but the details are useful for guidance.  Once this years is released it will be added.

At our first meeting on the process Mr Neale, Ms Palmer and Mr Knapp will outline some of the important areas parents should be aware of. A presentation on general issues will be gone through. The on line system is an easier way to ensure forms arrive safely.

If you need help to come into school to ask, e mail or drop a note to any year six teacher or the Head, Mr Neale. Don’t be concerned about the questions it is important you are getting the best out of the process for your child.

State Schools

Independent Schools

Independent Schools often change their admission procedures, do keep a careful eye on their websites for the latest information.