Prospectus and School Plan

Our prospectus is in pdf format for you to download.  It can be read online or printed by you.

To help you navigate around the school and find the various year groups a school plan.

Beatrix Potter is bigger than you think when you see us from Magdalen Road.  We have three buildings, each named after famous local people selected by the children four year ago when our last building was completed.  Our school has effectively got four entrance.  Starting with the youngest in the Nursery, they have their own entrance on Magdalen Road.  The main school has two entrances.  For people coming from Magdalen Road their is one entrance.  Then next to our Harvey building on Openview our “grey gate entrance”  Lastly we  have our “blue rabbit gate” also on Openview which allows direct access to our school hall for events.  If you find a large stair difficult you can enter the hall via our “grey gate” and walk along the wall path to the hall.