E-safety Advice and Guidance for Parents

Keeping your child safe on the web is essential for us all to understand. Here are some simple but useful guidance documents to help you. The first is our guidelines, what we do at BP with your children

Click on one of the documents below to download:

The following advice sheets may also prove useful at home:

It is not easy being a parent or a teacher in the digital age. But you are not alone help is out there. It is very easy to be frightned about the dangers. Being aware is the way forward. We cannot turn off the internet, its benefits are enormous. Its down side is its freedom for all to access anything and almost anyone. What we can do is give you the tools to understand how to guard your child and you against the downside. BP holds an E Safety evening at regular intervals look out for future dates in our news on parent mail

Technology will move faster than you, but ultimately you decide how the box in your house and the phone you have receives what the internet sends you. The key is to understand the devices your children and you, use. We have put together some basic advice sheets with links in some cases to web sites. Google searches can provide plenty of advice on the subject. But do take care if they suggest downloading a program that will solve your problem. The following link is a very useful site: https://www.internetmatters.org/parental-controls

All our classes receive internet awareness lessons. Year 6 devised there own simple e safety rules as an example: An Internet Safety Code by Year 6

In addition here are some fact sheets aimed at parents on specific internet issues.

In each class and in the ICT room we have the following prompts for your children.

For all staff we have strict guidelines and an acceptable use policy, here our On Line Safety Policy 

For parents who may not wish their child to access the web our permission for use form: BP Parent / Carer Acceptable Use Policy Agreement