Complaints Procedure, Parental Behaviour

All complaints are important to us, because they tell us what you think of our service. We know there is always room to improve, so we make every effort to put things right as quickly as possible. Unfortunately there are times when things go wrong and this information is designed to help you inform us of your concerns, who to get in touch with and what we will do to put things right.

Our full policy is here for you to download:  BP Complaints Procedure 2019

The timescale for dealing with individual complaints will differ according to the complexity of the issue concerned. The aim is to ensure that all complaints will be considered fully, fairly and carefully and that complainants will be kept informed.

Sometimes complaints can be malicious and to deal with that we have a vexatious complaints procedure as well:  Vexatious Complaints Policy 2014

Sometimes parents can become angry at events in school.  It is rare but it will be dealt with fairness but equally with the full force of the law should it be necessary. Towards this end we have the following policy: Dealing with aggressive parents policy