Behaviour and Discipline Policy

Excellent behaviour and discipline is always expected at BP. If you visit us you will see how this is achieved through the ethos and atmosphere of the school. No school is immune from incidents and we tackle them all head on. Sometimes it will seem we have not addressed a particular issue to the satisfaction of some of our community members. What is not always obvious is the work behind the scenes with children who find it difficult to manage school life. It is very easy to remove children, rather than deal with the issues they face. At BP we will always try to change our children so they can move forward and achieve the best they are capable of. This will not always satisfy everyone involved but it is our duty to do the best for all the children in the BP community.

Our behaviour and discipline policy is based on the Rights Respecting Schoool principles. This follows the tenants set out in the United nations Rights of the child. These tenants provide children with clear parameters on respect, tolerance and behaviour.

Our current policy: Discipline and Behaviour Policy 2020

When our children meet the public, travel on school journeys we are always praised for our excellent behaviour. Here a member of the public sent a postcard after meeting our year six on the Docklands Light Railway;

Yesterday whilst travelling on the tube from Canary Wharf to Waterloo, I found myself in the company of your young students, plus their teachers.

To my great surprise and pleasure the children started a conversation which was informative, detailed and so polite,- A Joy!!

Congratulations to you all at Beatrix Potter School.