Parent and Pupil Surveys

We have surveyed our parent community since 1995. Our latest survey outcome has again been very positive and we have with your help carried out a follow up survey about specific areas. These revolved around the play spaces, open evenings and clubs, all were very positive and proved helpful in guiding some of the changes we have in preparation around the areas mentioned. The survey is more detailed than the Ofsted Parent View.

Information on Ofsted Parent View:

Click on the pdf to download Parent View leaflet

Our last survey results:

We also wanted to know what the children felt were important values or attributes, the same areas as we asked parents. Here are the results:

Children’s views of the important values of Beatrix Potter School

The children in each class were asked to choose their three most important values.

The results are as follows:

  • Year 6: Happiness, equality and achievement.
  • Year 5: Happiness, respect, equality and inspiration (Last three were drawn).
  • Year 4B: Happiness, equality and motivation.
  • Year 4P: Happiness, respect and Inspiration.
  • Year 3TW: Happiness, respect and achievement.
  • Year 3W: Happiness, equality and respect.
  • Year 2B: Happiness, equality and openness.
  • Year 2K: Respect, happiness and openness.
  • Year 1B: Being fair (Equality), feeling safe and achievement.
  • Year 1C: Feeling safe, being creative and teamwork.

So as a whole school, the three most important values were:

Happiness, equality and respect with achievement and inspiration the next two. The parent survey named:  achievement, independence and respect.

Parent Survey

108 families answered the survey, well above the average return in most schools. Some questions were skipped by parents and the percentage is recorded.

Q1 Do you think the school displays good values and attitudes?

YES 95.5 No 1.8% Skipped 2.7%

Q2 Please tick what values and characteristics should be encouraged at BP.

The top three in order were: achievement, independence, respect, with happiness, and inspiration coming very close.

Q3 Are you made to feel welcome when you visit or telephone the school?

YES 93.4% No 2.8% Skipped 3.7%

Q4 Do you think the school; has a warm, friendly and secure atmosphere?

YES 97.2% No 0.8% Skipped 2%

Q5 Do you think all staff are friendly, helpful and approachable?

YES 86% No 5.4% Skipped 8.6%

Q6 If your answer was no what particular age range what was it in.

15 Replied with the office, nursery and KS2 being named

Q7 Do you feel valued as a parent when dealing with the school?

YES 96% No 4% Skipped

Q8 Do you feel the school offers an open door policy so that any concerns that you might have are dealt with immediately.

YES 89% No 4% Skipped 7%

Q9 Are you satisfied with the content of the newsletters?

YES 89% No 5% Skipped 6%

Q10 Do you think Parent Mail is a good way for school to communicate with you?

YES 99% No 1% Skipped

Q11 We have redeveloped our school is there more that can be done.

YES 28% No 55% Skipped 17%

The KS1 playspace was a popular comment, which has now been improved.

Q12 Does your child like coming to school?

YES97% No 3% Skipped

Q13 Do you think the school offers a broad and balanced curriculum?

YES 90% No 1% Skipped 9%

Q14 Does your child enjoy the learning experience that the school offers?

YES 96% No 2% Skipped 2%

Q15 Do you think the quality of teaching is good?

YES 97% No 2% Skipped 1%

Q16 Is your child encouraged to work to their full potential?

YES 92% No 4% Skipped 4%

Q17 Do you think your child attains a good standard of work?

YES 94% No 1% Skipped 5%

Q18 Do you think children with additional needs are well catered for?

YES 62% No 1% Skipped 37%

Very much a question answered by parents aware of special needs in school.

Q19 Do you agree that the termly parent teacher consultations keep you up to date with the progress of your child?

YES 93% No 5% Skipped 2%

An area staff want to work on. The re-introduction of the class event at the start of term has been very well received and was also very popular with staff.

Q20 Do you think the parent teacher consultations could be improved or organised in a different way?

YES 50% No 45% Skipped 5%

Reflecting question 19, very much an area of work in progress. The levels target sheets introduced previously have been a great success. It is about balancing how much time can be allocated for discussions and when.

Q21 Do you think the annual school report gives a full and accurate record of your child’s progress?

YES 78% No 7% Skipped 15%

Q22 Are you happy with the amount of homework your child receives?

YES 86% No 13% Skipped 71%

Very much a like or dis-like with parents.

Q23 Are there sufficient extra curricula clubs?

YES 68% No 20% Skipped 12%

Parents asked about various activities which did depend on what they thought was a priority. When charging was discussed it was very much at the low end which did not always match the operators expectations or charges.

Q24 Should we have a have a longer school day?

YES 12% No 82% Skipped 6%

Q25 Do you think the school is well led and is moving forward?

YES 94% No 6% Skipped

Q26 Do you feel the school tries to set high standards of behaviour?

YES 96% No 1% Skipped 3%

Q27 Do you think teachers are able to deal with bad behaviour effectively?

YES 93% No 1% Skipped 6%

Q28 Do you think there is a respectful and trustworthy relationship between pupils and teachers?

YES 96% No 1% Skipped 3%

Q29 Do you agree the school works hard to promote respect amongst its pupils in order to prevent all kinds of prejudice.

YES 94% No 1% Skipped 5%

Q30 Does the school work hard to maintain good attendance.

YES 93% No 1% Skipped 6%

Q31 Does the school work hard to maintain good punctuality.

YES 94% No 2% Skipped 4%

Q32 Do you think parents should be able to request at least two weeks holiday during term time?

YES 45% No 35% Skipped 20%

A popular question at this time, a view from parents is very informative in this debate.

For our travel plan we added these questions.

Q33 How do you travel to school?

Walking 69% Bike/Scooter 11% Car 20%

Q34 How would you prefer to travel to school?

Walking 96%

Q35 If you use a car, what is stopping you from walking to school?

Distance and work commitments were the main answers here.

Q36 Do you use the new entrance on Openview (The Grey gate)

YES 50% No 50% Skipped

Q37 Do you have any concerns about traffic and safety during your journey to school?

YES 5% No Skipped 95%

Q38 If you answered yes to the last question how could this be improved?

Most responses were about crossings on Magdalen Road or
a safety Officer patrol at the beginning and end of the day.