Lynn Jones SENCO

SENCO, Special educational needs co-ordinator

Judith Erkek

Mrs Emily Kabba, Mrs Judith Erkek and I work together to ensure that the needs of all our children are met. We liaise with agencies outside school to support children’s learning. We work with teachers and teaching assistants in and out of class. Our role is to link external services appropriate to the needs of the children we have identified requiring some extra support. This might be some group work in literacy or numeracy skills. Speech and language Therapy, Social Skills or occupational Therapy. We can access other services if required. Through training many of these therapies we will be able to implement at school ourselves.

If you need to talk to us we can be contacted via school easily and quickly. We are adding to communications with parents using google apps. It will enable parents whose children have a education and health care plan to have documents and help on one easily accessible site.

We are always looking for new ideas and approaches and are not afraid to confront the issues SEN poses for schools and parents.