Mr S. Neale


Mr Neale began his teaching career in Lambeth in 1974 under the then Inner London Education Authority. He moved to Hackney and has had responsibilities at all levels of the teaching spectrum. He was an advisor for two years and joined Beatrix Potter in 1984 becoming head in 1988.

He gained Diplomas in education and educational technology early in his careers moving onto a Masters Degree in Education.

He has guided BP through many stages culminating in its expansion to two form. He has been described as a maverick and as a unique character in education. He is not afraid to speak his mind and his approach is dedicated to the children who move through BP. He is highly regarded by all who come into contact with him. It is a tribute to his dedication that former pupils constantly return to BP to talk about their careers and families.

He has a son with cerebral palsy which has shaped his views on both education and family life. He gave up many opportunities to work with his son and allow his wife, an opera singer the chance to pursue her career. He has never looked back at his decisions and his son has emerged with a lucrative career in SIP-VOIP Technologies and communications.

He is a keen sailor although on a school journey to the national watersports centre he realised that some activities are ideal for 10 year olds and not those of an older generation. He is a keen historian and lover of engineering marvels from a bye-gone age and loves travel. His ambition is to own a Harley Davidson Trike tourer.

He admits to thriving at BP and is always looking for new approaches and ideas. The school thrives on both sound traditional approaches and modern ideas as a result of his leadership. He has created a staff team of long standing partnerships mixed with new graduates, a recipe he believes provides excellent staff and super teachers for the children. He continues to thrive on challenges and in the changing world of education relishes the opportunities it provides to keep BP at the forefront of opportunities for its children and community.