Membership and Committees


Our Governors
Simon Rhoades (Chair)
Ian Anderson
Rona Wallace Wright
Sarah John
Jill Gisby
Heather Lewis
Augustin Castro-Ramos
Dominic White
Sophie McCarthy
Melpomeni Gofa
Steph Neale (Headteacher)
Sharon Gleed Smith (Observer)


Finance &
Curriculum &
Personnel Safeguarding

Sub Cmt of Curriculum

Simon Rhoades* Heather Moody* Ian Anderson* Sarah John
  Steph Neale Steph Neale Heather Moody*
Sophie McCarthy Sarah Johns Augustin Castro-Ramos Sharon Gleed Smith
Steph Neale Jill Gisby Dominic White  
  Rona Wallace Wright    
  Melpomeni Gofa    

A declaration of interests and register of business interests is maintained and updated at each full-governing body meeting. No serving governors have any registered business interests.