Million Minutes Reading Challenge

Million Minutes Reading Challenge

200 Million Minutes National Reading Challenge starts today – happy reading everyone!

Dear Parents,

Once again we are delighted to let you know that Beatrix Potter pupils  will be taking part in the Million Minutes Reading Challenge – a national reading initiative from the education charity Achievement for All.

The challenge will kick off from today, World Book Day (Thursday 4th& March 2021) and run until Wednesday 31st March 2021.

All classes will be taking on the challenge of reading for as many minutes as they can throughout the rest of this month. At the end of every week, we will count up the combined number of minutes to see if we can work with other children across the country to read 200 million minutes of reading!

Reading of any sort can be counted which means that children can read books, magazines or even e-books as part of the challenge. You can support your child be ensuring that you have recorded how much they have read a day and at the end of the week either send in the total by email or as a note to your child’s class teacher.

Whilst they are reading, you could also ask them some questions about the book and discuss any new words that they come across. We shall also count all the reading done in school and certificates will be awarded to the school each time we reach the next target in 500 minute increments.

Thanks to all and happy reading.

J Hodgins
English Coordinator