Year 6

Here is the full curriculum for your child’s year alongside the other year groups. Beatrix Potter Curriculum Map Y1 to Y6 (doc)

Home Working while school is closed

Share the work you have been doing at home with your teacher, simply click on this link  Home sharing – Beatrix Potter Primary School

Here are lists of web sites your children can access during this period.  They do vary in quality but there are some really excellent sites:

Some practical sites about the virus and staying healthy: 

Now some work you can use linked to our curriculum.  

Some other work you can use.      

Some guidance on staying safe thinkuknow-8-10s-home-activity-sheet-1

Your child should have their sumdog log on’s and their Google ones, Ms Palmer has created a shared file where you can put the work you do.   

We will add to the range of materials and see how we will mark it later. We hope to mail out an interim report format for the key areas of maths and english. SAT’s have gone, their use in secondary schools was miniscule. The data from many schools was treated with scepticism.  We will provide an honest assessment when the time comes.  BP is praised each year for its accurate assessments on its pupils. so don’t worry about secondary transfer.

From Mr neale.  You have been studying the Greeks and their states, what happened at the Battle of Leuctra and what did it do to the Spartans.  Describe who was fighting who and how the battle was won and what happened as a result.  Present it any way you want, I will mark it.

Above all  Stay safe.



Contacting teachers

Trying to talk to the class teacher in the morning simply halts a calm start to the day. If you need to talk urgently go to the office where they can pass on urgent messages. Do ask to talk to teachers at the end of the day, e-mail the school or hand them a note in the morning. If there is a difficulty they will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time.


Local area trips where the children might walk down the library will not need your permission. Travelling  further a field or with transport will require your permission. Obviously we have to charge (Charging Policy is on our web) but we always aim to keep costs down and we can on many occasions reduce costs by subsidising some trips.

If you are asking someone else to collect you child at the end of the day we must have a letter or an e mail to confirm who this is with. We will not let children leave without permission in writing. If this is a regular occurence one letter with details will suffice.

School Journeys

BP will take year five to Plas Menai in Wales and from 2019 Year Six will travel to France and the World war One Battlefields. This will be linked to the Newfoundland work and will include a visit to Beaumont Hamel as part of the trip. This will be the continuing plans for school journeys now we are fully a two form entry school.

ICT work is also a vital part of learning in the 21st Century. Here is just one example of the work our children undertake. Based on Shakespeares Macbeth:  Macbeth

Here is the full curriculum for your child’s year alongside the other year groups. Beatrix Potter Curriculum Map Y1 to Y6 (doc)