Year 2

Here is the full curriculum for your child’s year alongside the other year groups. Beatrix Potter Curriculum Map Y1 to Y6 (doc)

Home Working while school is closed

Share the work you have been doing at home with your teacher, simply click on this link  Home sharing – Beatrix Potter Primary School

Here are lists of web sites your children can access during this period.  They do vary in quality but there are some really excellent sites  

Some practical sites about the virus and staying healthy 

Websites to help with Reading. 

Some work to start off. 

Staying safe on line  thinkuknow-5-7s-home-activity-sheet-1

You have been looking at the Fire of London.  What happened after the fire to London.  Was it built the same way again.  Did anyone think of a fire service perhaps.  You are also looking at famous people in history.  Edith Cavell and Florence Nightingale were involved in wars as nurses, but in different ways.  Tell me about both and why they became famous.  Present it any way you wish.  I will mark it when we return to normal.

Above all stay safe



Book-bags in school everyday please and do write in the PACT books regularly

Children are able to enjoy a piece of fruit through the EU fruit scheme each morning play.

School starts at 9am and the school bell will ring at 8.55am by which time you should be in the playground ready to start school. Lateness is not acceptable without a sound reason. Year one line up in the key stage one playground. Uniform is part of the school ethos and is expected to be worn (uniform details)

Contacting teachers

Trying to talk to the class teacher in the morning simply halts a calm start to the day. If you need to talk urgently go to the office where they can pass on urgent messages. Do ask to talk to teachers at the end of the day, e mail the school or hand them a note in the morning. If there is a difficulty they will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time.


Local area trips where the children might walk down the library will not need your permission. Travelling  further a field or with transport will require your permission. Obviously we have to charge (Charging Policy is on our web) but we always aim to keep costs down and we can on many occasions reduce costs by subsidising some trips.

If you are asking someone else to collect you child at the end of the day we must have a letter or an e mail to confirm who this is with. We will not let children leave without permission in writing.  One letter with details will suffice.

What do year two cover in the curriculum.  A complete curriculum map for each year group for the three terms. Beatrix Potter Curriculum Map Y1 to Y6 (doc)