Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Funding and organisation

There are three stages to English Education, Foundation 3-5 years of age. Key Stage One 5-7 years of age and Key Stage Two 7-11 years of age. At each stage the staffing in the class reflects the support required to ensure progression and development. At foundation and key stage one there is a greater mix of teachers and teaching assistants than in key stage two. At key stage two teaching assistants carry out a more supportive role to the teachers needs in terms of displays, copying and sorting. From year two to year six we organise teachers who support specific groups of children. These are children experiencing specific problems in literacy and numeracy, children targeted so that can move up the national curriculum effectively and children with particular talents in literacy and numeracy. From year three to year six there can be three or more groups operating in a year group class. There may not be a teaching assistant in these classes, because it is not necessary. We will target children through the use of our special needs staff at an earlier age when we may spot an issue , a particular difficulty or an area of concern identified by a parent or teacher.

All of this staffing does depend on the financing of the school. A national formula has altered the way schools are funded. The majority of funding will come via the age weighted pupil unit (AWPU) basically each child has a cash value. In addition a simplistic formula for some other areas adds money to the budget. Some 87% of a schools budget is staffing. Schools now run themselves, dealing with repairs in the kitchen to repairs in the main building, payroll, personnel issues, cleaning, energy and water contracts and of course the materials and resources the children need.

It is clear that the funding changes will impact on the way schools manage staff. Mr Neale as Head will manage change, supported by the Governors and based upon the educational needs of the children in our care.

The PTA with its fund raising adds approximately 2% to the overall budget. It focuses upon physical resources used in day to day teaching. Whilst a small percentage it adds to the curriculuum resources used by our children. In a time of budget change any additional resources are to be welcomed.

If you move through our site to staffing you can view the staff we have and their role at this moment in time.