International Links

We have for many years pursued an international outlook. We strongly believe teachers and pupils should understand the wider world. There is no better way than linking with schools through the British Council and its links with Erasmus, the Fulbright award linking the USA and our world wide charity work and Rights Respecting approach.

International schools award: BP gained this prestigious award twice for its work which is described here:

Thank you for submitting your Impact Evaluation of international learning activities. We are delighted to inform you that Beatrix Potter Primary School has been successful in being re-accredited for the International School Award.

Here are the assessor’s evaluation, highlighting where your application was particularly impressive and points to take note of as you continue to develop the international dimension in your school:

This is an outstanding Impact Evaluation in every sense of the word. You have clearly traced the development of international learning in your school over the years that you have been involved in the ISA. This application satisfies the success criteria for the ISA and it is our pleasure, therefore, to recommend Beatrix Potter Primary School for the Re-accreditation level of the International School Award. The work you have conducted and delivered with your numerous partner schools is effectiveand together you have covered and impressive range of activities. As you continue with your international learning programme, it would be exciting to introduce elements of the one or more of the languages of your partner schools (if possible) into your linguistic programme as the tools for exploring the global themes you have identified for study. This will definitely bring your international learning programme to life and will enrich your already globally enriched curriculum immensely. Your ambassadorial role is also excellent and is further enhanced by your efforts to encourage other schools, both local and international, to engage with international education and more specifically with the ISA journey with a view to seeking accreditation. Your long-term impact evaluation and future plans all demonstrate a robust and focused vision for maintaining international education firmly embedded in your curriculum. Your continued interest and commitment to disseminating good practice into the wider community (and internationally) has made a positive impact and your efforts are laudable. To complete the picture, I would like to recommend that you consult regularly with your partner schools and re-visit the global themes with a view extending your work in the future to incorporate other themes that you may not yet have considered. In conjunction with this, your status as a UNICEF Rights Respecting School and its accompanying knowledge of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child means that you are well placed to use this knowledge as a barometer through which to measure your progress in terms of understanding and promoting global citizenship. Once again, congratulations on the work you have done  and best wishes for your continued success in the future. Well done.

Over many years we have and still have links with Sri Lanka, the USA, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, France, Belgium, Turkey, Holland. Funding from the European Union Education Fund has enabled us to fund the programme without recourse to our own budget. Our work is linked to each countries curriculum and supports our own curriculum areas. This ensures links are easily managed by all partners in the busy day to day school curriculum.

We are currently exploring links to a school in Chitiwiri, Malawi. A new European project through the Erasmus (Formerly Comenius) scheme with Poland, Roumania, Turkey and Italy mis now in progress and our adventures can be viewed on the link page.