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Our children are fortunate to have a school equally concerned about good sporting links. They attend tennis coaching at Magdalen Tennis Club, we employ a specialist dance teacher, sports coaches for specific sports and have two teachers who are promoting sport throughout the school. Additional money from the Government has allowed us to maintain and improve upon existing plans. Our provision is  carefully reviewed and new activities added. Talk to the children about what does happen and then use our web pages to stay up to date to see what  a solid set of sports provision is in place.

Many Parents indicated they would be happy to support sporting events and competitions, please can they let Mr Finch or Mrs Celliers know if you can help. They will then contact you ahead of time to see if you are available.

Spencer sports Club links continue. This long standing support from Spencer’s has introduced Lacrosse and cricket to BP. Further links are planned.

After school sports club details can be found on our after school page.

Swimming has been undertaken at Burntwood. Parents will ask the obvious question of ‘why do we not use the Borough pools’. The simple answer is cost and time. To take one class swimming involves hiring a coach, paying for the pool, paying for swimming coaches and depending on what class ensuring additional staff attend to supervise children. Costing this on a one term basis amounted to the basic elements of £3,800. It also takes up a whole afternoon and this has a major impact on the curriculum. It would mean cutting back on other sports for the whole school to pay for one group. Being a dinghy sailor I can understand the importance of water safety. At Burntwood we can maintain the requirement for children to swim 25m by Year 6 at a much lower cost.

Government Sports Funding.

The government provides a lump sum to promote sport in school. 

Government Funding Received

Full Year – £14,500

BP Expenditure 2017-18

YR Sports Coach – £1,200
Y1 to Y6 Sports Coaches in house – £9,918
Tennis Coach – £2,400
Dance – £9,200
Swimming – £880
Hockey at Spencers
Ironsides Tag rugby (Free)
Usage ADT Ground – £1,200
Sports Clubs after school, Netball etc – £400
Pre school Circuit Club and running club – £200
Netball, Basketball Coaches – £450 each per year

We already spent more than the sports grant will ever provide but it will support our efforts. Our next steps are to assess what else we can provide and what other sports we might be able to introduce. Lots to consider in 2018 onwards.

We also have a policy on physical activity, a blueprint of expectations, click to read or save.

Sports Day Here are some pictures from the day. Competitive and traditional. Thanks must go to Mr Finch and Mrs Celliers excellent organisation and management on the day.

SG1L5161 SG1L5163 SG1L5211 SG1L5168 SG1L5213         

Congratulations to our Karate Club members who achieved black belt status following an intensive programme of tasks and activities.  Thoroughly well deserved.

IMG_1674 IMG_1688 IMG_1637

Saving with Sainsbury vouchers provided a whole range of kit, so thank you to parents.

Sport at BP is for everyone. Some of our children with learning difficulties are always given the opportunities to participate in all elements of the curriculum.  As we firmly believe opportunities are for everyone, for who knows we may be looking at tomorrows Para Olympic champions.

It’s Friday and what is on offer in our sports curriculum. Lacrosse with Spencer’s Sports Club. Coach Liam and colleague with Year R using balls and control techniques with the body. KS2 dribbling and control with balls. Dance with year 4,  getting ready for a dance presentation. This is total participation with real enjoyment, stretching and challenging all the children.

SG1L5377 SG1L5378 SG1L5379 SG1L5380 SG1L5381 SG1L5382 SG1L5384 SG1L5388 SG1L5390 SG1L5392 SG1L5398 SG1L5400 SG1L5401 SG1L5403 SG1L5405 

Returning to our After School Karate, once again our children achieved gold, silver and bronze medals for their efforts in competition. Congratulations to our two new black belt winners.

t6 t7 t3 t8 IMG_4153

Our running club is literally up and running, thanks to BP Teachers. We were in the graveyard but have now sadly been told we cannot use it. We are managing with the field, but not as interesting.

IMG_6048 IMG_6049 IMG_6052 IMG_6055 IMG_6068 IMG_6071 IMG_6078

Netball with Teacher Ms Pears, training in progress.

IMG_3903 IMG_3904 IMG_3905 IMG_3906 IMG_3907 IMG_3908

With running in mind we had our first fun run and the whole school was out on the Ashcroft field. Three separate courses were in operation, one for our younger children included obstacles and for the next two ages a circular 250m or 500m distance around the perimeter. The distances had our children running 5 plus circuits with some children competing 12 500m laps.


We achieved success in a recent inter school football event, taking first place. Our runners competed on Tooting Common. In this academic year 16-17 we have a revival of interschool games, a welcome event for all schools following years of neglect due to workload pressures. Our tag rugby teams did equally well.

img_0203 img_0204 img_0275 img_0260 tag-r 


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