School Trips, School Journeys

Information and letters on class trips, outings and School Journeys.

We have a detailed policy on school trips and journeys and all visits and school journeys are extensively planned and risk assessed.

No assessment can cover all eventualities, but experience and awareness are equally part of any planning. Our oldest children take part in trips to Wales, Scotland and in 2014 the battlefields in France from WW1. Go to our school news pages for pictures of Plas Menai Watersports for Years 5 & 6 and PGL for Years 3 & 4. Our Years Three and Four are introduced to journeys away through PGL and similar centres for their first experience away.

Although part of the curriculum trips to external sites would not be possible without parental payments being requested. Under our charging policy we detail how we will request payment. We realise that the costs of trips are rising and we are fortunate to be able to support costs from PTA funds. We are able to help parents with costs in many cases. Please talk in confidence to Mr Neale. Sadly if we find that parents are unable to support some trips they will have to be withdrawn.

For trips where parents are invited to help we have a guide and an application form as a volunteer: