Phonics at BP

Phonics at school means teaching children to match a sound with an alphabetic letter, or group of letters, that are written. Learning to read is about using a jigsaw approach to breaking down (segmenting) words into their sounds and then building them back into a word (blending).

At Beatrix Potter we recognise how important this skill is for early readers. That is why we teach phonics every day in the early years and key stage 1 using the government validated scheme: Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised.

Our children work on specific sounds and their corresponding letters each week. We match a reading book exactly to what is being taught, and work with the child on three half hour sessions a week to be able to decode (sound out) and understand (comprehend) the book. After the three sessions at school, the children take their book home to share with their families.

To find out how else we  teach and develop reading, look at our reading page.