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The Nursery Curriculum

So, what have they really been doing and how will they learn if they are “just playing”?

Young children learn from everything around them – the people, the environment, the atmosphere, the routine, the experiences. All of these elements of the Nursery make up “the nursery curriculum”. All aspects of children’s growth and development are woven together, but it is interesting to look at the different areas of learning separately to understand how young children learn. The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum describes the following areas of learning, with ‘Early Learning Goals’ to be aimed for by the end of children’s Reception year in school. Our Nursery provides the essential first steps to a successful education.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development, is about:

  • forming meaningful relationships with other children and adults
  • having respect for other people
  • being an individual and also belonging to a community
  • being able to express and cope with your feelings and emotions
  • becoming independent and helping others
  • being able to make choices and taking responsibility
  • developing a sense of fairness, what is right and wrong
  • understanding appropriate behaviour
  • respecting and being able to empathise with others
  • having feelings of wonder and joy
  • sharing and celebrating festivals, traditions and special occasions

Creative Development, is about:

  • representing and communicating your ideas and feelings in, a variety of ways e.g. music, dance, language, role play and imagination
  • expressing yourself through a wide range of media e.g. paint, clay, drawing, 3D materials
  • experiencing and enjoying beauty
  • imagining, expressing and creating
  • having original ideas and thoughts

Physical Development, is about:

  • developing confidence and independence through achievement
  • learning to use tools competently
  • learning co-ordination and control
  • building confidence, stamina, energy and strength
  • learning to move in a variety of ways

Knowledge and Understanding of the Worldis about:

  • exploring the local environment
  • finding out about the past
  • developing an understanding of travelling to other places, distance and maps
  • using technology – making models in a variety of ways
  • planning, making and designing things
  • exploring and solving problems
  • using I.C.T. for a range of purpose
  • exploring, experimenting and having ideas
  • being curious – wondering why, how, what if ………?
  • understanding why and how things happen
  • observing carefully and closely
  • experiencing and changing materials
  • sharing the joy of finding things out with your friends

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy, is about:

  • appreciating pattern, and relationships
  • logical thinking
  • exploring and comparing shapes, quantities, height, etc.
  • finding ways to solve mathematical problems e.g. estimating, measuring
  • learning to use and understand mathematical language
  • understanding and using number

Communication, Language and Literacy, is about:

  • enjoying stories – sharing books with others, telling stories and making them up
  • being able to express your opinions and make your own choices
  • learning to recognise sounds, names, logo’s and symbols all around them
  • talking, listening, discussing and recalling experiences
  • believing in yourself as a reader and writer and developing the skills to become one.

Combining these elements into the day to day activities is what BP does well. We provide a rich set of activities that allow the children to experience these important elements. Balancing the freedom of choice with guidance is done seamlessly. BP Nursery provides that essential start to school life all children require.