National Assessment Results 2017-2018

Here are the results for Key Stage Two, Year 6. (we are in 18-19, so these are the last results.

This is the third year where the outcome of assessments are not reported in levels. We have kept the reporting format as basic as possible to allow you to see how we are doing. The outcomes are now aimed much higher and the year six children taking this test in 17-18 have not experienced all the new elements. English Writing has been the source of dispute over exact fit of what is required or best fit, best fit being a child who has shown ability over time in most areas. Schools interpreted the result accordingly unless you were moderated and that was exact fit (we were moderated)  a view across all schools highlights the concern over some outcomes actually truly representing the writing.

The data can be seen alongside other data on the compare a school website run by the DfE. The results are presented in several tables.  Progress was across the three areas as average.  It reflects the particular cohort which in this year had a significant pupil movement in its pupil numbers. 12 pupils joined between the end of year 4 and 5 and 3 pupils joined in year 6. However in terms of achieving national standard outcomes the children and school results continue an upward trend.

Disadvantaged children along with SEN have many issues and our aim has always been to support these children as effectively as possible.  On going work with these children is producing improving results.

The results are a solid reflection of BP. Pupils moved on with these outcomes into both state and independent schools. Feedback from all highlights the accurate attainment of the children allowing schools to accurately place them in form sets and provide support based upon the information we provide.

Tracking the progress of pupils is an essential part of what we do. Using a target tracker we are able to identify and intervene where progress is slow.

The following tables are available on line from Compare schools, a Department for education website. Click on each chart to enlarge