Home Learning


This is our home learning site.  Work will be set weekly.  Our current information will be in place until the end of next week, then we will take it down. Many of the web sites are on the new site as well. It’s easy to navigate with each year group having their own weekly tasks. Other areas as you will discover have lots of useful links and information.

Year 6 are using their google links. Ms Palmer and Mr Knapp are setting work through this.

We have set up a dedicated e mail for sending stuff to staff. They will respond as best they can but don’t expect one to one focused responses, its un-realistic, but they will do what they can. If you mark the teachers name in the subject they can identify who should pick it up. The same applies to marking, they will do the best they can. Remember some are still working in school with key workers, looking after their families and loved ones and in some cases battling the virus.
Let’s see how this develops and consider how its working.

The e mail will be:     beatrixpotterstaff@gmail.com

Remember if your child doesn’t start or finish something they can do so later If they miss something or cannot focus its not the end of the world, it’s not school as we know it.