Computing or ICT at BP

BP has been at the fore front of IT for many years. We work with schools and with teacher training on provoking ideas and innovation in IT. We do this through the work BP children produce through IT in the curriculum. Oh and we have always taught children how to create programs, despite what some politicians say. We are not alone, there are some amazing teachers and children out there producing all sorts of work using IT to exemplify and create some stunning curriculum projects, themes and work.

Here are just a few samples of what we do.

Our youngest children combine art and I Pads.

E safety has always been covered at BP, for useful information as a parent and for a range of advice do go to our E safety page in the learning section under policies and guidance.

We are now a google showcase school working with chromebooks. This technology offers a very low cost access to quality software and apps that will revolutionise the work our children will produce. Our school news page has more news and will highlight some of the work the children have undertaken.

And to cap tht we have been asked to trial a new set of VR headsets, something we are keen to do as this technology holds an amazing amount of promise for the future of education.