School News

Last Day at School.

Dear Parents

It is difficult to express how we all feel about closing a school. In my long education service I have dealt with major measles outbreaks, the fear of London flooding, terrorism SARS and all sorts of strikes, riots, disputes and demands. In this last week I have been disappointed (being kind) with the lack of any real advice from both Wandsworth and Government. That’s all I need say.

Now let’s deal with the important stuff, our community. We know now who are the key workers. There are details of how this is to work on the various government sites.

I am also conscious that crisis situations may occur over these coming weeks. Do not hesitate to seek help from us. Use e-mail to let us know, it will be checked every day.

For those at home the BP website under year groups has a whole series of children’s work, web sites and more. At the moment we have thrown things at it. We will over the coming weeks set specific tasks, at this early stage we have put everything we can on there. We have also built in a link where your children with you can send things to show their teacher so at least there is a little semblance of normality. We will also post out a simple report slip to make up for open evening, it won’t cover every subject but hopefully will re-assure you on progress. As we get into these weeks ahead we will try to do more to support you at home. Discovery Education who we use has given us access for home, it is a brilliant site for our children.  Log in at:   Username:  student21738   Password:  peter27  So check out the BP web, year six will be using their google log in. Other classes have a shared account and that won’t be in operation. As such we are occupying children but hopefully they will come to remember this period, not sure I would regard it as wartime, remembering my parents recollections as a Naval Gunner and a WAAF but it will go down as a historical event for the children and you the parents to recall in your dotage!

For everyone Twitter will come into its own for instant messaging for all. Suggest you sign up to twitter and sign to receive tweets from us: beatrixpottersc

For those able to attend, key workers etc. Come in as normal 9am. Casual clothes for children uniform is optional. Trainers allowed as we will be outside and don’t want to continually change shoes.

Come to the main gate in Magdalen, Openview will be closed. Meet in the first play space. Above all else if anyone in your house shows the signs described you must isolate and not set foot in school. Staff are vulnerable!

Initially we will operate 9am to 3.20pm in the first week then after Easter 8am to 6pm if we have the staff.  Easter school is a possibility but these are early days and there are all sorts of rules and petty regulations to sort. Our council caterers are only offering a packed lunch and are not allowed to serve it. Cheese, Tuna or egg mayonnaise with a biscuit, carrot and apple. By Friday some children may be growing gills. As nobody from contracts at the council has bothered to contact us I will look into alternatives if necessary.

I am sure there is more to consider and you probably have many questions. Next week will hopefully flesh out issues and we will keep you up to date with developments. E-mail us, go to our web site, look out for parent mails and join twitter. My staff are here Monday until we can work out rotas etc, they have been amazing, perhaps mad in throwing themselves into supporting BP, but that’s the community we have.

Please all of you take care, stay safe. Please think of those in difficulty, I know Empire Builders and local churches are working on support services, details will go out when we have them. We will become a school and community again and be the great place we have always been.

Best Wishes to You All

Steph Neale and the staff of Beatrix Potter