Farewell Year Six 2020

We said goodbye to this years Year Six. Considering the circumstances all of them were amazing. The covid crisis led to the loss of their school journey, a whole new way of teaching at home and in school and no end of year play and family BBQ.  Yet hey remained as amazing as ever. Here just a snippet of our day. We commenced with Pain Au Chocolat and juice, moved to Pizza and fruit juice at lunch. Enjoyed a relaxed day and received their BP hoodies, year book, gift token, our BP Poppy book and a neat class fridge magnet. On the way home a clapping staff tribute.

They leave us with fond memories of themselves, gone but never forgotten. We will see them in their new school uniforms in the new term and are always here to help if needs be. Good Bye and truly the best of luck.

Beatrix Potter Leavers 2020