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I was asked if I could help with the following appeal, and I have said yes as it is a worthy cause and easy to accomodate.

Just Shelter is a small Earlsfield-based charity acting to support refugees, both in Northern France and those hosted locally. We organise regular trips to provide vital assistance to refugees in Calais and Dunkirk, taking food and clothing to enable people to survive – particularly important in this cold weather.   We’re asking local families to donate unwanted supplies, in good condition, that we can take on our next trip in late March. If you have anything to spare it would be great if you could bring it in by Wednesday 21st March for collection by Just Shelter.

What we need are:

  • small tracksuit bottoms (men)
  • small / medium hoodies or thick jumpers (men)
  • small men’s coats
  • thermals (men)
  • hats, gloves and scarves (men)
  • nappies of all sizes

Thank you!

I will put out a suitable collection pot at the front entrance so you can simply drop off items. If it does not appear simply leave items on the wooden benches where they can be put inside.

I am sure you are very aware of the recent tragic event in our community. The death by stabbing of a young man of 20 is beyond understanding. That such a young life is taken from his family and society is difficult to comprehend. The assailant has been arrested and his own moment of sheer madness will result in imprisonment, How he deals with his actions only he can say. The victim was a former pupil at this school and his family sent his brothers to us. I am sure your thoughts like us are with his family at this tragic and sad moment.

I will talk to our older children in assembly and ask them to think of what has happened. I have been a teacher for some 43 years and have experienced both sadness and joy during this time. This tragedy does highlight the concern many of us have about how children deal with each other. To hear children talking about dissing and equally over reacting to events is of concern. One can equally over react to events and without doubt we have on the whole a sensible and safe community. We must all take responsibility for guiding our children into the future they will inherit. and I am sure you will support us in doing the same.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this time.

Steph Neale Headteacher and Parent