School News

BP in Newfoundland

Beatrix Potter was invited to march with the Newfoundland Regiment on July 1st 2018, the anniversary of the Regiments battle of Beaumont Hamel. Six children, parents and teachers spent a week visiting the original villages and towns of the soldiers in Earlsfield. We met so many people, were invited to a range of events and the children and school received so many commendations for their remembrance of the Newfoundland soldiers ‘Our Newfoundlanders’  I don’t think anyone realised just how much our work means to Newfoundland. By the end of the week we were in newspapers, radio and television across Canada. On our return we have received hundreds of E mails and letters thanking us for what we do. Our work and research on the soldiers continues. Here just a snippet in a gallery of the trip. Do visit our Newfoundland corridor on the way to the hall in the Defoe building.