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Beatrix Potter School



Welcome to Beatrix Potter – a thriving school where children flourish and succeed.

Our school is renowned for our warm community. Our teaching is exciting and active. There is a wealth of expertise, experience and skill amongst the teaching staff who are known for their dedication and deep care of the children. Our families are both inclusive and welcoming, developing lasting friendships through their Beatrix Potter connection. Best of all, our children are interested, outward looking, kind, motivated and extremely well behaved.

The school has a highly developed learning journey across all areas of the curriculum. English and Maths are our bedrock to support a wide ranging curriculum that is committed to developing knowledge, skills and passions in all areas. 

The children benefit from Beatrix Potter’s vibrant setting. We enjoy good size classrooms throughout the school and have a large playground area for the children to explore. We are right next to the Ashcroft Academy fields and are able to make use of them for our sports days, fundraising runs and competitive matches.

Our heart is in the thinking skills that we develop throughout the curriculum. We advocate creative thinking in everything we do: exploring and building ideas. Our lessons are built around the 5Es 'engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate'. We are strong believers in the power of hands on experience, and trips are an important part of our provision. Our longstanding previous Headteacher set the scene for a fascination with History, and we have established links with the Newfoundlanders.

Reading and all that books bring is at the centre of Beatrix Potter. We have recently created a beautiful library, which is a stand out feature of our school. We are building the range of books with our PTA so that there is a good range for everybody. We are also known throughout the borough for our extensive investment in computing with class sets of chrome books/ipads for every class. We have a strong link to the London Connectivity Centre (CLC) who provide specialist computing lessons to all the children.

Music is a passion at Beatrix Potter and since 2022 we have built our music department so that we offer opportunities for children to learn violin, cello, harp, flute, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, or drums. Our commitment has led us to be awarded the Wandsworth Music Mark. Our class music lessons are led by a specialist and lead to many performances both at school and at larger venues.

There are plenty of options both before, and after school for the children to extend and develop their interests:  STEM, Maths Explorers, craft, tennis, football, karate, multiskills, netball, Spanish, dance and drama. We also host a breakfast club and after school club for families that require wrap around care.

If you are interested in joining the Beatrix Potter community, please telephone the office on 020 8874 1482 to join one of our Thursday tours of the school and an opportunity to meet with me. I will be very happy to tell you more about all the things that make us proud at Beatrix Potter Primary School.

Amanda Robertson