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Beatrix Potter School

Sports at BP

Sports at BP 

We are passionate about sport at BP. We love to play and develop our skills in strength, speed, accuracy, teamwork, discipline, positivity and control. Our children have two lessons a week, one led by a specialist sports coach and the other by the class teachers. Over the years our children develop and progress in key sports including netball, cricket, tennis and football, as well as the disciplines within dance and gymnastics. We also compete within interschool competitions. 

In Key Stage 2 our children attend tennis coaching at Magdalen Tennis Club. Additional money from the Government has allowed us to maintain and improve upon existing plans. Our provision is carefully reviewed and new activities added. Talk to the children about what does happen and then use our web pages to stay up to date to see what a solid set of sports provision is in place.

To see what sports we cover use the link below:

Annual Cycle of Sports


Spencer sports Club links continue. This long standing support from Spencer’s has introduced Lacrosse and cricket to BP. Further links are planned.

Football, basketball, tennis, karate and multi sports skills are amongst the clubs that we provide at the school.

Swimming is at Burntwood. A specialist teacher leads the sessions. Our teachers stay throughout to develop their skillsets and co-coach. 


Please see the link to this year's projected spend of the Sports Premium:

 Sports Premium 21 22


Funding for 2020-21

Government Funding Received  
Full Year 20-21 £19,000
BP Expenditure 2020-21  
YR Sports Coach £1,200
Y1 to Y6 Sports Coaches in house £4,918
Tennis Coach £2,600
Dance £9,200
Swimming £2,500
Gymnastics New Equipment £2,500
Assorted Equipment £1,500
Hockey at Spencers £900
Ironsides Tag rugby  
Usage ADT Ground £2,200
Netball Coach £950
Pre school Circuit Club and running club £200
Basketball Netball Coaches £2350
Total Expenditure proposed 20-21 £31,018

80% of pupils participate in more than 30 minutes of sport in one form or another. 20% participate but have difficulties that reduce sport activity

We operate the following teams over the school year: Football at Y3 to Y6 Netball at Y3 to Y6. Tag Rugby at Y4 to Y6. Hockey is planned and Cricket occurs from May. Cross Country teams operate when competitions are organised.

By Year 6 we achieve above 75% of children who are both confident and feel safe around water.

We already spent more than the sports grant will ever provide but it will support our efforts. Our next steps are to assess what else we can provide and what other sports we might be able to introduce. Lots to consider into the future.

Sport at BP is for everyone.

Some of our children with learning difficulties are always given the opportunities to participate in all elements of the curriculum. As we firmly believe opportunities are for everyone, for who knows we may be looking at tomorrows Para Olympic champions.

Staying Fit is Inside and Out!

 Our team understand the importance of movement, and movement breaks. We were a part of the 'Active Classroom' Project to promote short bursts of activity to wake up the body and mind in class.

Have a look and enjoy the videos of our BP children and classrooms in action!

Active Classrooms at BP