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Beatrix Potter School

School Councils

School Councils

The pupil voice is important to Beatrix Potter, it is part of the schools ethos that children have the right to be heard.

To do this all our children elect representatives from their class to serve on one of our councils for a year. There are normally two representatives from each class, one boy and one girl. Councils meet at varying times depending on what they do.

They are given quite a wide brief so most areas of school life are allowed to be discussed. Naturally some issues are more important to the children than others. They are very focused and treat all matters seriously. Councils make very sensible decisions and argue their views passionately. They can request meetings with the Head and staff if they need to.

The school is a rights respecting school, following the tenets of the UN Children’s Charter supporting the rights and responsibilities of our children. A council is elected each September by voting in each class. Go to our separate web page for full details.

We also have trained peer mentors to support all our children at school. Our Peer Mentors are volunteer children who have been specially trained to assist our pupils in school. 

We also have our anti-bullying ambassadors who help deal with any issues encountered by pupils that they feel is bullying. Their remit is across the whole school, they are also responsible for our friendship seats.

We have sports ambassadors who work with our children at playtimes, helping them enjoy play times with a range of sporting games.

The learning council provide feedback about our lessons, work and suggest ideas and solutions to teaching issues, and yes they really do provide valuable feedback to staff.

Our travel ambassadors are part of our eco group which supports our schools sustainable environment.