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Beatrix Potter School

Our Values and Ethos

Our Values and Ethos

12 Values at Beatrix Potter:

Be Proud, Kindness, Respect, Friendship, Resilience, Creativity, Equality, Curiosity, Gratitude, Responsibility, Hope and Courage

Our children are guided to develop a strong moral compass so that they can be their best selves, leading purposeful, happy and caring lives. Our 12 values support children to develop into young people who know how to look after their own and each other’s wellbeing. Each half term we focus on one value and explore it thoroughly. Every Monday Mrs Robertson develops the half term theme looking at understanding and applying the theme in many different aspects . Our staff and children discuss the value throughout the week. Every Friday in our ‘Celebration Assembly’ a child from each class is chosen for a certificate because of actions that they have taken which exemplify and model the value of the half term. Of course every certificate comes with our fabulous Beatrix Potter badge too.

We are a UNICEF gold mark ‘Rights Respecting School’ which means that all our work is linked to the Rights Respecting Articles.

Click here to learn which articles link to our school values.

 Our Ethos

The team at Beatrix Potter strive for an inclusive school where no child is left behind, and every child is stretched to reach their full potential. We are marked out by our fusion of caring nurture and warmth; academic excellence; creativity across our broad curriculum; and fascination with learning and thinking skills. All our staff are trained in metacognition, (learning how to learn), which is one of the most significant gifts that we can give our children to be successful learners in every area of life. For more reading on metacognition:


We plan and deliver for active and investigative learning, whether this is in English, Maths, Science or the foundation subjects. We recognise that the multi disciplines within English, (speaking and listening, reading and writing), are gateways to all areas of the curriculum. We have a focus on vocabulary and support children to articulate themselves effectively in all our lessons.

Our creativity is found in all areas (from problem solving in STEM, through to the use of our dedicated Art room and Music studio). Musically we offer harp, piano, guitar, drums, flute, clarinet, saxophone, cellos and violins. When children reach a reasonable standard, we offer a school orchestra too which is fully funded by the school. We currently have 80 children who learn a musical instrument at school - an astonishing achievement!

Underwriting all of this is our commitment to collaborative and cooperative learning. Although there is always a time for independent work, learning how to negotiate, navigate, develop and enjoy working in teams is a valuable skill. We believe that this will stand our children in excellent stead throughout their primary, secondary, tertiary education as well as supporting them in leading happy and successful adult lives.

Moral development is also key to Beatrix Potter as can be seen in our values and our gold award as a 'Rights Respecting School'.

We are committed to learning, both as staff and pupils, and make sure that we all enjoy this rewarding process.