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Beatrix Potter School



“Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind and flight to the imagination,” Plato

Music is a very important part of the Beatrix Potter experience because it combines so many disciplines, is proven to sharpen thinking across the board, and offers both the player and the listener so much enjoyment.

We have a music specialist teacher who works with all year groups once a week. The children learn composition, notation, rhythm and performance using ukuleles, recorders, tuned percussion and voice.  

We have a wide range of musical instruments that the children can learn with our peripatetic teaching team and these include:

  • Cello (from KS2)
  • Clarinet (from KS2)
  • Drums (any age)
  • Flute (from KS2)
  • Guitars (from KS2)
  • Harp (from KS2) (supported by the CYM - Centre for Young Musicians)
  • Saxophone (from KS2)
  • Violins (from Year 2)

Our wide ranging music offer began in 2021-2022. We hope within a couple of years to have a fully fledged orchestra!