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Beatrix Potter School



School uniform is part of the school ethos and in coming to BP parents agree to support our policy by ensuring children come to school in our uniform.

For this reason it is not expensive. There are regular second hand sales run by the PTA because we recognise that children might grown quickly and might only use clothing for a while before they move onto a bigger size. If parents do have any difficulties then contact the school for support and guidance. 

  • School sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo in blue 
  • School fleece with logo available in royal blue
  • Cardigan with school logo in royal blue 
  • White polo shirt with school logo
  • Trousers or skirt (girls can wear trousers) in grey, black or dark blue.
  • Girls in summer can wear blue check dress 
  • Sensible shoes (not trainers) in black, brown or blue
  • Sandals are acceptable in summer with socks, No open toes!
  • Socks in white, grey, black or dark blue. Over the knee socks are not permitted.
  • Tights in white, grey, black, dark blue or in red or royal blue. Not patterned.
  • A sensible, practical outdoor coat in plain colours.

Nail varnish, coloured hair or make up is not permitted. No jewellery is allowed to avoid injury during sports and similar activities. Studs may be used but no ear rings please.

We have two suppliers offering excellent quality uniform at competitive prices.
Both can be ordered on line.

Reading Bags are purchased at school. Price and Buckland can also supply backpacks, PE bags and hats.

PE Uniform, is equally simple and practical for safety in lessons:

  • Navy blue shorts or track suit bottoms or PE skirt.
  • BP Sky Blue Polo shirt with logo
  • Plimsoles, sensible trainers.
  • BP Sweatshirt, BP tracksuit top (Optional)