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Beatrix Potter School



At Beatrix Potter we aim for a high standard of attendance (96% or above). There is evidence that when attendance drops below 95% there is a decline in how well a child can achieve due to gaps in their learning.

What if my child is unwell?

Children frequently have coughs and colds and it is important that if your child is well enough, that they do come in to school. Please do not send your child to school if they have a more serious illness - see this guidance if you are unsure  NHS: Is my child too unwell for school?

If your child has diarrhoea or vomiting, they should not return to school for a minimum of 48 hours after the last episode. Please refer to the Health Protection Agency if in doubt  HPA

Medical and dental appointments should be made out of school hours. If you need to take your child out of school for a hospital appointment, please try to arrange these appointments during the school holidays to minimise disruption for your child and to the rest of the class.

Health Guidelines recommend that a child does not return to school for the first 3 days following an operation, fracture - to give your child a chance to recover. Please note that following a hospital admission or fracture, a doctor’s certificate will be required to confirm that your child is fit to return to school. Returning to school means that your child is fit to participate in the full early year’s curriculum including physical exercise. If this is not the case please seek advice from the School Office by phoning 0208 874 1482 or email

What if my child needs medicine?

We are not able to administer non-prescription medicines such as Calpol. We would advise that if you are treating with Calpol, you give a dose just before the start of the school day, and again when you collect. However, in exceptional circumstances you may speak to the office about coming to school to administer these yourself. We would prefer parents and carers to also administer any prescription medicines if it is needed during school time. However, if this is not possible and it is detrimental to the child’s health or attendance not to give the medicine, the school will require a copy of the prescription and your written consent in order to store and administer the medicine.

Please seek advice from your child’s doctor regarding how long your child should stay off school if they have been prescribed antibiotics.

Health Care Plans need to be completed for any child with a chronic illness and you will need to work directly with the school SENDCo to create this. Please email  if you are in doubt.

How will you contact me if my child is unwell or if there is a problem?

We have emergency contact details in the School Office in order to contact parents and carers in an emergency, or if a child is unwell. Please remember to keep emergency contact details up to date as this information is vital in case we need to contact family quickly.