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Beatrix Potter School

Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs

At Beatrix Potter we understand that every child is unique and to be treasured. In order to give each individual the best start in life we know that some children may need additional support in order to overcome barriers and do their best.

11% of our children are currently on the SEND register, with challenges around speech and language being our primary area of need.

Once identified and agreed, our children's needs are often supported through visiting specialist services such as the speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, educational psychologist, autism support, physio and behaviour learning support service. We also train our staff team to support through interventions such as 'ELSA' (Emotional Literacy Support Assistance), 'zones of regulation' and 'speech bubbles.'

To find out more about SEND at Beatrix Potter, please follow the two links below or contact Mrs Lynn Jones on 020 8874 1482 /

SEND Offer and Information

 SEND Policy

Wandsworth's Ordinarily Available Provision (OAP) Expectations for all School settings

oap parent and carer guide.pdf

Wandsworth's SEND Local Offer

On the SEND Local Offer website they have information and contact details for the local authority, education, health, voluntary groups who can support you and your child or young person, from 0 to 25 years old.

Link to Local Offer Webpages

Wandsworth's WAND & WAND+ cards

The WAND Card (Wandsworth's Additional Needs Database Card) is a convenient form of ID, indicating membership of Wandsworth's Disabled Children's Register (DCR). This can help to avoid the need for lengthy explanations when asking for any existing concessions and assistance within the borough.

Link to WAND Card webpages