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Beatrix Potter School



Relationships and Sex Education.

We use the Christopher Winter scheme for Relationships and Sex Education which is taught in the summer term. This scheme does not have any reference to gender reassignment. There is currently a DfE review taking place. Parents and carers can access the survey here RSE Consultation 2024

To learn more about what the RSE curriculum covers, please see the documents below.

 We are required to consult with parents and carers each year regarding our policy. This consultation last took place on June 10th 2024.

Our current policy is here Relationships Sex Education Policy

The Right to Withdraw your Child from RSE

Under the DfE Guidance 2019 parents/carers do not have the right to withdraw their child from Relationships Education, or any elements of the Health or Science curriculum.

SEX Education topics not covered by health or science are:

  • How a baby is conceived
  • How a baby is born

If you would like any further information about RSE or you wish to withdraw your child from a part of the RSE curriculum that is not within these categories, please contact Mrs. Robertson directly by emailing