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Beatrix Potter School

Provision for More Able

Provision for More Able

Inclusion at Beatrix Potter is from every child's start point. More able children are entitled to the same level of thought and planning as children with special educational needs. We support our more able by:

  • Ensuring all our teaching staff are trained annually on how to plan for and work with more able children
  • Ensuring all subject leaders have thought to the provision and monitoring of the more able learners outcomes.
  • Use of Bloom's taxonomy (giving higher level and more creative thinking opportunities to our more able children as part of the extension offer)
  • Use of question and answer speaking structures in lessons that supports the more able learners to work collaboratively. We believe that this is an essential part of the development of all children, and particularly the more able children.
  • Differentiating our success criteria that guides the children's thinking, and sometimes the task
  • Offering opportunities to explain and lead others within a learning task
  • using a range of seating within a class that offers both mixed ability and grouping by ability depending on the specific learning

In the upper end of key stage 2, we may stream for Maths only. We do not stream for English as it more beneficial for all groups to be exposed to rich thinking.

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