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Beatrix Potter School

Maths Mastery

At Beatrix Potter, we passionately believe in following a Maths Mastery Curriculum. This allows our children to achieve a sustained, deep, conceptual understanding of mathematics, which means they will succeed in achieving or exceeding national expectations for the end of each key stage. We aim, through high quality creative and inclusive lessons, to create a sense of excitement and curiosity around mathematics. Children are encouraged to make links between what they are learning and the world around them.


  • Become FLUENT in their mental and written calculation skills.
  • REASON and EXPLAIN mathematically the maths that they are learning.
  • Can SOLVE PROBLEMS using and applying their mathematical knowledge in a range of contexts.

Our teaching for mastery is underpinned by the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Math’s (NCETM’s) 5 Big Ideas:


Our maths lessons are broken down into small connected steps that gradually unfold the concept, providing access for all children. This leads to an understanding which gives them the ability to apply the concept to a range of contexts.

Representation and Structure

Throughout the school, from nursery to Year 6, children use concrete representations of number such as Numicon, Rekenreks and Dienes blocks; these are also presented visually. This is both to aid their calculations and to deepen their understanding of the abstract concept of number. Eventually, within any given topic, the children will be able to work with just the abstract representation.

Mathematical Thinking

If taught ideas are to be understood deeply, they must not merely be passively received but must be worked on by the student: thought about, reasoned with and discussed with others. At Beatrix Potter, children work in pairs or groups in every lesson.


Alongside reasoning, it is vital that children have quick and efficient recall of facts and procedures, such as times tables, and the flexibility to move between different contexts and representations of mathematics.


Variation at Beatrix Potter is twofold. It is firstly about how our teachers represent the concept being taught, often in more than one way, to develop deep and holistic understanding. It is also about the sequencing of activities and exercises used within and between lessons, paying attention to what is kept the same and what changes, to connect the mathematics and draw attention to mathematical relationships and structure.

It is the importance and interconnectedness of these ideas that leads to successful mathematicians.