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Beatrix Potter School


How do we Assess Children?



Teachers assess in two ways: formative and summative. Formative assessment is the day to day assessment that leads to supporting the child as they are learning in the classroom. It also feeds into the teacher's planning - do the children need to revisit or can they move on?

Summative assessment is completed through compiling all of the evidence around a child's progress into a judgement for where they are at a particular given point. This will include how the children have performed in tests. Our children sit tests in class three times a year to help us track their progress and identify the areas that we need to teach to. 

All children also sit national tests. These are: Phonics (year 1, with any resits needed taking place in Year 2), end of KS1 SATs (maths and reading), Multiplication Tables Check (Year 4) and end of KS2 SATs (maths, reading, spelling/punctuation/grammar). These results are compiled nationally for schools and parents to benchmark to. Writing is also assessed and reported at the end of KS1 and KS2 and this is done through marking against clear shared criteria. The teachers' judgements are moderated internally and externally with other schools. Sometimes the judgements are moderated by an external advisor as part of a checking exercise.


 Subject Attainments Key Stage Two 2021


Although the end of key stage tests have not taken place since the pandemic, Beatrix Potter, like most schools has continued to give the children the SATs under strict test conditions. Using the official assessment materials and moderating results the outcomes were as follows:


READING School 2021 School 2019 National 2019
 % Pupils achieving expected standard 84% 73% 73%
% Pupils achieving greater depth 33% 31% 27%


WRITING School 2021 School 2019 National 2019
 % Pupils achieving expected standard 82% 84% 78%
% Pupils achieving greater depth 20% 29% 20%


MATHEMATICS School 2021 School 2019 National 2019
 % Pupils achieving expected standard 80% 80% 79%
% Pupils achieving greater depth 31% 27% 27%

Scores above 80% are in the top 20% of schools across the country. 

Assessment Across the Rest of the Curriculum

All areas of the curriculum are important and the teachers use both the formative and summative approach. Teachers use the national curriculum to both plan from and assess to. Summative judgements for all subjects other than maths and English take place once a year and these are shared with the families through the final report in the summer.

There are links below to learn what the children are being taught and assessed to in all areas across all year groups: