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Beatrix Potter School




At Beatrix Potter we want our children to be equipped with the relevant knowledge that will
prepare them for the world of tomorrow. We embrace the constant changes children face in
the modern world and seek to teach them the tools they may need to grow with the fast pace
of today’s technological advancements. It has links to all subjects.

Children holding Chromebook and Lego Robot

What does Computing look like at Beatrix Potter?

Our progressive Computing curriculum, with amazing support from our Leadership Team and PTA, has a very wide-ranging and varied feel. We have iPad devices for our youngest children to engage with. As they grow older, in KS1, they are taught to use Chromebook devices within their Computing lessons. When children move in to KS2 they are ready to use their computing knowledge in all of their subjects. This looks like Year 3 creating Health Lifestyle Online Surveys, Year 4 designing Ancient Egyptians websites, Year 5 creating web pages using HTML code and Year 6 recreating Ancient Greek Architecture with 3D modelling software.

Tudor Pop Art

We also have a variety of programmable devices that the children can use throughout the school. Starting with BeeBot devices, that offer a great foundation for their coding knowledge, and moving on to Lego WeDo and Dash Robots, that introduce creativity and a world of possibilities in to their coding.

We are also very lucky to have VR Headsets that we use throughout our curriculum. They can transport children to places around the world, and beyond, to let them experience what it looks like at the North Pole, or see for themselves what life thrives in the Great Barrier Reef and maybe even go back in time and look around Hadrian's Wall.

Online Safety

Online Safety is an integral part of our Computing Curriculum. We believe that every child needs to be given the knowledge and strategies required to use technology effectively and responsibly. We have designed our very own Online Safety Map that is used from Early Years to Year 6. This map enables us to be sure that we are covering every aspect of Online Safety with our children. Our key areas are:

  • Privacy and Security
  • Health and Well-being
  • Online Bullying
  • Online Relationships
  • Online Reputation
  • Self Image and Identity
  • Managing Online Information

For some useful Online Safety links for Parents see our dedicated Online Safety Page.