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Beatrix Potter School




Our children are our future. The governors work with the Head and the senior leadership team to provide the best possible opportunities for our children to achieve their potential, thrive and be happy in this excellent school. Using our experience we act as critical friends, advisors and supporters to the school. We are very proud to be associated with Beatrix Potter and its high standards of education. Working together we will continue this tradition and move the school forward to even greater achievements.

Simon Rhoades
Chair of Governors

Governors' Code of Conduct


The governing body is made up of the headteacher, parents, members of staff and a range of people with the skills to support the development of BP.

We have termly full governing body meetings and operate a number of sub-committees which also meet every term or more frequently if needed.

We are fortunate to have a considerable range of expertise on the governing body . This brings ‘fresh eyes’ to issues and enables the school to be innovative as well as maintaining the high standards we all expect. Governors are an integral part of the BP community and are there to support school and parents. They cannot however on their own change school policy and procedures, that is the role of the head in conjunction with governors.

If you have anything you would like to raise with the governors, please email the chair of the Governing Body directly, via:  and we will respond to you.

You can also leave any communications for governors in the school office.


Standards and Achievement: Curriculum coverage, academic rigour, quality of teaching and learning, school data, pupil premium, performance management, SEND/EAL.

Chair: Heather Moody

Engagement and Wellbeing: Safeguarding, child protection, pupil voice, attendance, staff wellbeing, parent voice, behaviour, SRE, moral development, staffing structures

Chair: Simon Rhoades

Finance and Premises: Health and safety, budgets, buildings, resources

Chair: Simon Rhoades

Governing Body Membership

Follow this link for details on members, including how they were appointed:

GIAS Governors at BP


For further information on our governors and their profiles see the link below:

Governor Profiles

For further details on the structure and responsibilities of the governing board as well as governor attendance see the link below:

Structure, Responsibility & Attendance of Governors