World Book Day 2017

Published March 5, 2017

Once again BP took part in World Boo0k Day.  This years theme was Beatrix Potter whose 150 anniversary is being celebrated.  Our school was renamed Beatrix Potter in the 1950’s from Magdalen Road School.  The connection is through her Governess who lived on Baskerville Road by the common, rather than use the name of the Governess, Beatrix Potter was selected.   Each year we hold a reading breakfast for parents to join their children.  It’s always packed with parents and you can see from this small selection of photos in the gallery a pleasure to watch mum and dad and grandparents reading for fun with their children.  Dressing up is always popular, although press reports are questioning the expense parents go through and the validity of the whole exercise.  Parents quite sensibly decide what to do, we certainly don’t want vast sums spent, but parents are sensible and do what they want.  This event is about celebrating reading, the fun it brings and our PTA helps us buy a new book for every child in the school to celebrate this .  Will it revolutionise reading, probably not, but it will highlight to all how much value we place upon reading.  So well done to BP parents who already read at home, you are bringing pleasure, fun and a future for your child.  Finally a big thank you to Mrs Hodgins who organises this event every year.

Now flick through our gallery.  More pictures are on display by our IT area in the Crosskey building.

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