Homework Policy

Why Homework?

It is given to our children to consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding, particularly in literacy, and numeracy.  Through our home reading programme we achieve high success in reading outcomes.   Its  amount gradually increases particularly towards entry to secondary stage at Year 6. It is a partnership between home and school and families are expected to ensure children complete the tasks they are set.

At Key Stage One:

The beginnings of the partnership.
It will contain short activities which may will challenge as well as consolidate school work.
It will include simple games, learning spellings and number facts. Reading will always be included through the home reading scheme. We will encourage you to talk about your child’s school day.

Key Stage Two:

An opportunity for children to develop skills of independent learning through set amounts of work and research.
Encouraging the importance of regular time to study on their own initiative or for research into a set theme or topic being studied or about to be studied. Pupil initiative.
Set tasks that prepare year 6 children for secondary school assessments and transfer.

Content Outlines:

Literacy and Numeracy tasks, science and other subjects as they move up the school.

  • KS1 Regular reading with parents.  Younger children involving parents in their tasks.
  • KS2 maintaining this at higher skill levels.
  • 10 to 20 minutes per day. Children reading and being read to.
  • Spellings and punctuation.
  • Mathematics in number games and tasks.
  • Mental maths and multiplication practice.
  • More substantial problems as children get older.In addition to these activities
    • Finding out information
    • Reading in preparation for lessons
    • Preparing oral presentations


  • It will not include finishing off tasks.
  • Time not as important as quality of task set.
  • Planned within work of class. Within schemes of school.
  • Regular, set days and time scales.
  • Year plan so parents aware of what’s happening.

 Time Frames:

 Years 1/2

 1 hour/week Reading, spellings, other literacy work and number work

 Years 3/4

 1.5 hours/week Literacy and numeracy with occasional assignments in other subjects.

 Years 5/6

 30 minutes/day Regular weekly schedule with continued emphasis on literacy and numeracy but also ranging over curriculum research when required.

In the case of Year 5/6 some tasks may be set over several days or the time frame an hour on one evening.

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