Our Governors
Simon Rhoades (Chair)
Costanza De Toma (Associate)
Ian Anderson
Andrew Binnendijk
Rosemary Bowsher
Rona Wallace Wright
Sarah John
Jill Gisby
Paul Edwards
Heather Lewis
Alison Longworth
Steph Neal (Headteacher)
Augustin Castro-Ramos
Sharon Gleed Smith (Observer)


Finance &
Curriculum &
Personnel Safeguarding
Simon Rhoades* Heather Moody* Ian Anderson* Alison Longworth*
Alison Longworth Steph Neale Steph Neale Heather Moody
Andrew Binnendijk Costanza De Toma Augustin Castro-Ramos Steph Neale
Steph Neale Jill Gisby    
  Rosemary Bowsher    


A declaration of interests and register of business interests is maintained and updated at each full-governing body meeting.  No serving governors have any registered business interests.

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