National Assessment Results 2015-2016

Here are the results for Key Stage Two, Year 6.  (we are in 16-17, so these are the last results)

This is the first year where the outcome of assessments are not reported in levels.  We have kept the reporting format as basic as possible to allow you to see how we are doing.  The outcomes are now aimed much higher and the year six children taking this test in 15-16 have not experienced all the new elements.  This is not the way to assess children or to bring in a new approach.  It is however what we have got and we are reporting the results as is.  A minor annoyance has been the inclusion of two pupils who under the system would have not been included in the tables as they arrived in year six with English as their second language.  This would have added an additional 4/5% to the outcome.  Our results are above national average across all three areas (Reading, Writing and Mathematics)  The national average is 53%, ours is at 64%.


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